About Us

We love hiking, getting out in nature and capturing photographs along the way.

For us the fun comes from not only the hike itself, but the planning, anticipation and the research before too! We both work 9-6 in Sydney and often spend our lunchtimes dreaming of getting away from our desks; by writing-up our hikes we can enjoy and appreciate them for longer.

We’re also interested in the mental health benefits of getting out in nature. Often our hikes are a only a couple of hours train ride away from Sydney CBD; we want to make sure that they are inclusive, not expensive to get to or “elitist” (which, in our opinion, seems to be an unwelcome trend in the world of “adventuring” these days…).

We hope that through our experiences, and writing them up in the blog, that more people will feel like they can get out in nature at the weekend and enjoy the beauty of NSW and beyond. If just one person sets off on their own Adventure Hat hike then that makes us very happy campers indeed!

If you have any questions about anything you’ve seen on Adventure Hat then please drop us an email on:





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