Review: Cathedral Reserve Campground

What you need to know:

2 hours from Sydney
Great forest and canyons. Fireflies Nov/Dec
Accommodates tents, campers, motorhomes and trailers
Unpowered sites
Free. Doesn’t require booking.

Address:  117 Mount Irvine Rd, Mount Wilson NSW 2786


This is a great campground in the northern part of the Blue Mountains National Park. You don’t need to book to camp here, which makes it great for last minute trips when more popular campgrounds would be full. The area is easy to find. Coming from Sydney you pass through Richmond and follow the Bells Line of Road through some amazing apple orchards, before turning north on the Mount Wilson Road.

Cathedral of Ferns_Fireflies_1

The campground has lots of space for parking right next to the grassy field where you are free to pitch a tent wherever you like. Some of the areas around the edges of the field have their own picnic benches and fire pits. There are also a few trees dotted around providing shade during the winter.

During our visit there was every type of camper; vans, caravans, trailers, tents and a few hammocks strung about, with plenty of space for everyone. There is one toilet block with the usual long drop. Take your own hand sanatiser as there wasn’t any in the dispenser when we visited. You will also need to take your own water and something to cook on. There is no readily available drinking water or BBQs here.

Cathedral of Ferns_Fireflies_2

The campground is a great base for exploring some of the numerous canyons in the area. We visited at the start of December to see the fireflies displaying in the nearby Cathedral of Ferns area. Read more about that trip here.

All round a great campsite, whether you are looking for a family trip, a quick city getaway or as a base for some canyoning.

Cathedral of Ferns_Fireflies_6


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