Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse, Seal Rocks, Central Coast, NSW

Start: Sugarloaf Bay
End: Sugarloaf Bay
Time taken: 1 hour
USP: Historic Lighthouse, beautiful views
Distance: 2km

Google map of Lighthouse

One morning during our getaway to Seal Rocks we fancied a walk (but not a huge hike!) so checked out the picturesque and historic Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse.

It’s situated at the northern end of Myall Lakes National Park, and boasts beautiful coastal views, and although we were there at he wrong time of the year, it’s said to be a great spot for whale watching.


We parked our hire car overlooking Sugarloaf Bay (near the post office) and started along Kinka road. The lighthouse stands on the edge of Seal Rocks village. It’s clearly signposted and easy to find.

The track continues onto Lighthouse Road (the clue is in the name!) and past an interesting rock formation where the ocean is constantly crashing into the rock, creating unique caves and gullies.

Further along the path are a number of buildings that were once the Lighthouse Keepers’ quarters and outbuildings, but are now gorgeous holiday homes. Find out more about them here.

sugarloaf point

From here you follow a steep path to the left up to the “main event”. We’re rather partial to a lighthouse, and this one is a beauty. It was completed in 1875, designed by colonial architect James Barnet. It’s one of only two towers with an external stairway in Australia. It was originally built to guide ships along the rocky coastline, after a number of incidents, including the shipwrecking of the SS Catterthun and the Rainbow.


The viewpoint has Submarine beach to the right, named after a submarine that wrecked there in 1945. More info about that here. A short walk to the left takes you to the signal house.

signal house

It’s only a short walk but has lots of great views and the beautiful, historic lighthouse is a “must see” when visiting Seal Rocks!

Views soaked in, historical plaques read, we got caffeinated and had a snorkel at Seal Rocks Beach. Oh Seal Rocks you are so dreamy!

Find a additional info here.

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