Eco-Lodge on the 6ft Track

As we arrived at the campsite at Cox’s River we saw a sign that read ‘Eco lodge 700m. Open 7am-8pm’. It seemed like a mirage! But we all agreed to check it out as soon as we’d set-up camp (and had a dip in the river, obviously…).


The Eco-lodge is part way along the historic Six Foot Track, that runs between Katoomba and Jenolan Caves. They serve food and drinks, most importantly for us… cold beer! They also provide accommodation from $35 a night.



The lodge is completely off the grid, generating energy from solar panels and collecting rainwater for drinking & washing.  It’s majorly photogenic, surrounded by beautiful bushland and had an abundance of visiting wildlife, including Olive Backed Oriole, White Naped Honeyeater and Sacred Kingfisher.  We will definitely be looking into booking a night there when we do the 6ft track in the future.


But this time we grabbed a couple of Fat Yaks and sat and watched the setting sun filter through the trees, reflecting on some of the best scenery we’d all ever seen in Australia…


We also popped by in the next morning after our short (but hot!) walk to the epic Bowtells Swing bridge for a crisp ginger beer!

Find more info here and be sure to pop by if you’re ever in the area!

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