Wondabyne to Kariong Brook Falls

2 thoughts on “Wondabyne to Kariong Brook Falls”

  1. Thanks for the latest adventure story. It sounds really exciting with all the wild life but I don’t envy you the leeches, you’re welcome to those. I didn’t realise you had been having bad weather with all that rain, hope things are improving now. At home it’s my favourite time of year with all the Spring flowers in abundance and looking so pretty. I’m going to Majorca on April 16th for 2 weeks and can’t wait to feel some real warmth on my back, but you will be getting plenty no doubt. Keep the reports of your treks coming, I love reading them. Take care lots of love, Gran xx

    On Mon, Mar 13, 2017 at 10:23 AM, Adventure Hat wrote:

    > adventurehatblog posted: “Start: Wondabyne Station (You have to request > the stop when you board the train and flag the train down when you head > back to the city) End: Wondabyne Station Time taken: 3-4 hours USP: Feels > remote, great waterfall and wild swimming Distance: 10km return” >

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