Resolute Beach, NSW

Title image pinched from @imjustolly

Start: Resolute Picnic Ground
End: Resolute Beach (and return)
Time taken: 30 mins one way
USP: One of the best beaches in Sydney area
Distance: 3km circuit.

Get a map of our route

Resolute Beach is often featured in those lists of ‘Top 10 places to visit in NSW’ or ‘Top 5 hidden beaches you never knew about’. You need a car to get there, a ticket to enter Kuring-Gai Chase National Park and there is a small hike to get to it…

… but it’s so worth it!

Parking at Resolute Picnic Area the walk is well sign posted. The day we went was hot, dry and dusty making the short 1.5km to the beach an effort! The trail is wide open, with little shade so make sure you slip, slop, slap.

It’s the last 500m or so that are really magical. As you reach the edge of the ravine leading to Resolute Beach, the vegetation changes from short scrub to tall trees and hanging vines. And through the trees you start to spot the aquamarine blues of the ocean below you.


Steep steps wind down the hill side and the forest closes in around you until you reach the top of the final stair set and the view is laid out before you.

The beach itself is a relatively small crescent of sand, backed by a jumble of black boulders and behind those, a thick tangle of green vegetation. Across the incredibly blue water is the spit of land that makes up Palm Beach and the Barrenjoey Headland, both of which shelter Resolute from everything but the biggest swells, so it’s always calm and great for swimming.


The whole time we were on the beach we were only sharing it with a few other couples (one of which had kayaked from further away and landed at the beach) and a small family, meaning there was plenty of space for us all.

Towels down and brolly up, we jumped in for a swim and came back to find a medium sized Lace Monitor walking past our area! It didn’t seem phased and continued on it’s way. It was the first of 4 individuals Monitor Lizards we saw that day, of varying sizes, adding to the magical feeling of this amazing spot.

With more time and better organization, this would be a great spot to snorkel from or hire kayaks from further away and paddle to. One for next time!



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